Transcend M.2 S TS128GMTE 128GB Nvme Pcle 110S SSD Hard Drive

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Transcend M.2 S TS128GMTE 128GB Nvme Pcle 110S SSD Hard Drive

Transcend m.2 s ts128gmte 128gb nvme pcle 110s ssd hard drive gen3 x4 interface supported by the latest nvme™ standard, to unleash next-generation performance. The pcIe ssd 110s aims at high-end applications, such as digital audio/video production, gaming, and enterprise use, which require constant processing of heavy workloads with no system lags or slowdowns of any kind. Powered by 3d nand flash memory, the pcIe ssd 110s gives you not only fast transfer speeds but unmatched reliability. Visit the official brand store for more information.

  • Transcend's pcIe ssd 110s utilizes the pcl express® gen3 x4 interface supported.
  • The latest nvmee™ standard, to unleash next-generation performance.
  • 3d expansion to break through limits.
  • Better endurance, higher reliability.
  • Transcend ssd scope software.
  • Nvme pcIe gen3 x4.
Transcend M.2 TS128GMTE Nvme Pcle SSD Hard Drive - Pakistan

Compelling performance for high-end applications:

Transcend's pcIe ssd 110s follows nvme 1.3 and utilizes the pcIe™ gen3 x4 interface, meaning four lanes are used for transmitting and receiving data simultaneously, resulting in the compelling performance of up to 1,800mb/s read and 1,500mb/s write.

Understanding the PcIe interface:

PcIe (or pcl express®) is a much faster interface than sata (or serial ata) for connecting a host computer to solid-state storage devices over one or more lanes consisting of one transmit and one receive serial interface in each lane, meaning it can better fulfill new performance requirements.

Understanding the Nvme standard:

Nvme (or nvme express®) is a host controller interface standard designed to address the needs of enterprise and client applications that utilize pcl express-based solid-state storage. Nvme calls for better performance vectors than ahcl (advanced host controller Interface), including scalable bandwidth, increased iops, and low latency.

3d Expansion to Break Through Limits:

Unlike the existing planar nand chips, 3d nand flash is a type of flash memory in which the memory cells are stacked vertically in multiple layers. 3d nand is developed to break through density limitations of the 2d planar nand, and thus can deliver a greater level of performance and endurance.

Better Endurance, Higher Reliability:

Transcend's pcIe ssd 110s is engineered with ldpc (low-density parity check) coding, a powerful ecc algorithm, to keep data secure. Manufactured with high-quality nand flash chips, and an engineered dynamic thermal throttling mechanism, the pcIe ssd 110s guarantees superior endurance and stability for high-end applications.

Transcend Ssd Scope Software:

To keep your transcend ssd running fast and error-free, transcend's ssd scope software application is available for download free of charge. Monitor your ssd's health status with, S.M.A.R.T. technology, enable the trim command for optimum write speeds, keep your ssd's firmware up-to-date, and migrate data from your original drive to a new ssd with just a few clicks.

Transcend m.2 s ts128gmte 128gb nvme pcle 110s ssd hard drive at the best price in Pakistan. For more affordable ssd hard drives visit the gaming SSD hard drives product category page.

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