Redragon GC- MC211 ITX Gaming PC Case, M-ATX Computer Chassis

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Redragon GC- MC211 ITX Gaming PC Case, M-ATX Computer Chassis

Not Just MINI
Redragon gc- mc211 itx gaming pc case is a small form factor case that features space-saving efficiency & cooling capabilities generally found on a much larger ATX case. The compact size makes it possible to be displayed on the table, a main decor of your gaming system. Visit the official brand store for more information.

Redragon GC- MC211 ITX Gaming PC Case M-ATX Computer Chassis

Way Too Cool
Supports max 4 (top 2 + side 2) 120mm fans & 240mm long radiator, 5 vented honeycomb/meshed panels. Keep the temperature low whether using a water or air cooling system. Transparent tempered glass panels reveal this beast's mystery & beauty.
Unrestricted Performance - Loaded with 4 PCI slots, accommodates up to 320mm full-sized GPU. No need to worry about compatibility, easy to unlock the Apex builds of a compact enclosure.

360-Degree Easy Accessibility
All 6 panels and frame parts can be dismantled, allowing advanced disassembly and 360 degrees of access to mod on components. No extra heavy-duty tools are needed, easy to work and modify.

Solid & Reliable Materials
1 mm thick, powder-coated SPCC steel keeps the lifespan of the chassis much longer and resists marring from transport or handling. Extra tempered glass ensures better durability along with good airflow and a fancy look.

Redragon gc- mc211 itx gaming pc case price in Pakistan. For more pc case visit the product category page.

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