Logitech H650e Business Headphone

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Logitech H650e Business Headphone in Stereo and Mono with Noise-Cancelling Mic

Logitech h650e business headphone are sophisticated for busy professionals salespeople, customer service representatives, and other business people who are on calls all day and will appreciate the comfort and design of the Logitech H650e. Sophisticated in both appearance and technology, the H650e delivers clear audio with features such as acoustic echo cancellation and a noise-canceling boom mic. It’s all intended to make your calls as productive and comfortable as possible. Visit the official brand store for more information.

Smart And Stylish:

Attention to detail is what distinguishes the Logitech H650e Headset. It’s perfect for people who care about design touches like intuitive inline controls for adjusting volume and a bright LED light that lets others know you’re on a call. Choose h650e mono or h650e stereo for one or two speakers.

Logitech H650e Business Headphone Price in PakistanEnterprise Grade Audio:

The H650e Headset delivers functionality as well as style. This is a pro headset with digital signal processing, acoustic echo cancellation, wideband audio, dynamic equalizer, and noise-cancelling mic. Salespeople and CSRs can make and receive calls with perfect clarity.

Designed for Business:

Certifications with leading conference software ensure an integrated experience with applications such as Skype for Business and Cisco Jabber™. A flat, no-tangle cable connects to the USB port on a Mac® or PC for plug-and-play simplicity.

Yes I Am On A Call:

Located on the backside of the boom, an LED indicator provides a visual alert to those behind you that you are on a call, preventing accidental disturbances during calls.

Noise & Echo Cancellation:

With acoustic echo cancellation and a noise-cancelling microphone, H650e is optimized so you can hear and be heard, even in noisy workspaces.

No Lok Controls:

Control the call with answer/end, volume up/down and mute buttons. The volume-up button is strategically built higher than the others, providing a point of reference for your fingers and allowing you to control the call without looking away from your work.

No Tangle Cable:

A flat and flexible cable resists tangles so you never get tied up on a call.

Hear Safely:

Logitech Sound Protection protects against sounds above 115 dBA to deliver exceptional listening comfort for voice and music; compliant with EN60950-1.

Optimized For Voice and Music:

A dynamic equalizer automatically switches between voice and music modes, delivering the best sound quality for what the user is listening to.

Spec & Details:

  • Height x Width x Depth: 6.5 in (165 mm) x 6.8 in (174 mm) x 2.0 in (50 mm)
  • Weight: 4.2 oz (120 g) (Stereo)
  • Weight: 3.3 oz (93 g) (Mono)

System Requirements:

Compatible with:

  • Windows Vista® or higher
  • macOS ® 10.7 or higher
  • Linux®
  • One USB 2.0 port

Application Compatibility:

  • Certified for Skype for Business, and compatible with most leading services such as Zoom, BlueJeans, Google Hangouts Pro, Cisco, and more.\n

Technical Specifications:

Microphone (Tx):

  • Type: Bi-directional ECM
  • Frequency response: 100 Hz - 10 KHZ
  • Sensitivity: Type: -45 dB +/- 3 dB
  • Distortion: <10% @ 1kHz, 15dBPa (MRP) input
  • Operating voltage: 1.4 - 5.0V DC

Speakers (Rx):

  • Frequency response: 50 Hz - 10 kHz (Diffuse field)
  • Sensitivity: 90dB ±3 dB at 1KHz, Input 0.56V/10 mm free field
  • Distortion: < 4% @ 1kHz, 0dBm0, 1kHz
  • Compliant to EN60950-1
Package Contents:
  • Logitech H650e Headset
  • Carrying bag
  • Quick Start guide and warranty information

Logitech h650e business headphone price in Pakistan. For more headphones visit the product category page.

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