Fantech Mp903 Agile Mouse Pad

With Official Brand Warranty

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Fantech Mp903 Agile Mouse Pad

Fantech Mp903 agile mouse pad is a water-resistant speed silk surface and scientifically engineered for maximum performance. Visit the official brand website for more information.

Fantech Mp903 Agile Mouse Pad Price in Pakistan
  • Non-Friction Impacting Water-Resistant Coating
  • Anti-Fray Edge Stitching
  • Anti-slip base
  • XL Deskmat Type
  • Size: 900*400*3mm
Speedsilk Cloth Surface
AGILE features our SPEEDSILK technology cloth surface, designed to have lower static & dynamic friction, than other pads on the market. Better quality, better performance.

Moisture Resistant Without Slow Spots
AGILE MP903’s speed silk technology features a non-friction impacting moisture-resistant surface, to ensure your mouse pad stays clean! Our moisture-proof coating is specifically engineered to match the coefficient of friction of the surface, to prevent slow spots.

Fantech Mp903 agile mouse pad at the best price in Pakistan. For more affordable prices visits the mouse pad product category page.

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