DarkFlash DR 11 RGB With Molex CPU Cooler Fan

With Official Brand Warranty

Sale priceRs.10,000.00


DarkFlash DR 11 RGB With Molex Cpu Cooler Fan

Darkflash dr 11 RGB with molex CPU cooler fan, 4-pin molex, 23.5dba noise level, maximum 38cfm air flow. Visit the official brand store for more details.

DarkFlash DR 11 RGB Molex CPU Coller Fan Price in Pakistan
  • 120x120x25mm, 7 blade design.
  • 1500rpm±10%, silent hydro bearing.
  • 18 Unit illuminate LED - ring type lighting effect.

Darkflash dr 11 RGB with molex CPU cooler fan price in Pakistan. For more affordable CPU Cooler Fans, visit the product category page.

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