How to Replace Your Mechanical Keyboard Keycaps

Many people enjoy the wonderful click-clack sound of mechanical keyboards. However, such keycaps may eventually become dirty, worn out, or just unattractive to you. The favorable information? One surprisingly simple and inexpensive approach to give your keyboard a new lease of life and customize your setup is to replace the keycaps. You may replace the mechanical keyboard keycaps in your keyboard by following this step-by-step guide.

Assemble Your Materials

The highlight of the presentation is this new keycap set! Select a set of keycaps that works with the keyboard you have. The majority of sets are made for normal configurations, while certain keyboards could contain strange things like non-standard bottom rows. Prior to purchasing, confirm compatibility once more.

Keycap Puller

With the help of this useful tool, you may remove your current keycaps securely and without risk to the keyboard or keycaps. A puller is typically included with keycap sets, but if one is not, you can buy one separately.

Replacement Non-Standard Key Keycaps

Certain keyboards, especially those that are small or designed for gaming, could feature keys with unusual sizes, such as the Ctrl or Shift keys. You might have to buy these key replacements individually if your new keycap set doesn't include with them.

Microfiber Cloth

Before putting on the new keycaps, use this to clean your keyboard.
Prioritizing safety Shut Down and Unplug

When doing any maintenance, make sure to always unplug your keyboard and turn off your computer. This shields your keyboard from potential harm and stops inadvertent key strokes.

First, Evaluate Your Keycaps

Spend a while getting comfortable with the arrangement of your keyboard and the various keycap sizes and shapes. This will facilitate their precise removal and replacement later on. Be sure to take note of any non-standard keys and see whether the replacements for them are included in your new keycap set.

Wield the Keycap Puller

 The good times are about to start! Place the loops around the base of the keycap you wish to remove while holding the keycap puller firmly. Important: Verify that the loops are firmly wound around the keycap's base rather than its stem—the portion that attaches the keycap to the keyboard switch.

Gently pull yourself straight up.

Put the keycap puller in position and then push up gently but firmly. There should be a faint click as the keycap comes off the switch. The keycap itself or the switch may get damaged if you twist or move it. For every keycap you wish to change, follow these instructions once more.

Cleaning Time

Take advantage of the chance to clean your keyboard while your keycaps are off. To remove any remaining finger oils, dust, and grime, use a microfiber cloth. Steer clear of aggressive substances or chemicals since they can harm the keyboard.

It's Time to Shine

The most fun part is about to begin: mounting your new keycaps! Carefully align the matching key on your replacement set with the switch on your keyboard. Make that the keycap and the matching switch are the same size and shape.

Apply a Light Press

You just need to softly but firmly press down until you hear a gratifying click when the keycap is aligned. This proves the keycap is firmly positioned on the switch. For each keycap that is left, follow these steps again.

Double-Check and Celebrate!

 After placing each replacement keycap in its designated spot, take a time to confirm that it is placed correctly and operating as it should. Enter a few words or a whole sentence to check each key. Best wishes! Your mechanical keyboard keycap replacement has been completed successfully. Now go forth and relish your freshly personalized keyboard's delightful click-clack sound!

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