Redragon Rudra K565-R Blue Switches Rainbow-Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

With Official Brand Warranty

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Redragon Rudra K565-R (Blue Switches) Rainbow-Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Win/Lock Mode:

Player can press “FN” + Win key to realize windows Key disable. Win/Lock function can avoid player wrong operate, which causes halting action. Redragon committed to deliver credible gaming experience to common players.

Multi-functional media keys:

The one-touch control design can enable player quickly access to volume, mute and media playback without any steps.

Custom DIY Mode:

Player can design LED backlight graphic via FN+9 and 0. Firstly, player has to press fn+9 or 0, and then player should press fn+home. The keyboard backlight graphic can be reset by players
4 LED brightness levels
104 standard full anti-Ghosting keys
All non-conflict keys ; 12 multimedia keys
WIN keys can be disabled when gaming ; laser engraved chiclet. keycaps

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