Donview 98” Ds-98IWMS-L03PA Computer Monitor 4K UHD Touch Screen L05 Series LED

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Donview 4K UHD Touch Screen L05 Series LED 98” DS-98IWMS-L03PA Computer Monitor

Donview 98” ds-98Iwms-l03pa computer monitor LCD panel 4k (3840 x 2160) system version: Android 8.0. Touch glass hardness: mhos 7. RAM is 4GB DDR4. Visit the official brand store for more information.

  • ROM: 32G
  • Network: Ethernet, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
  • Speaker: 20W x 2
  • Touch Points : 32-Points Touch
  • 20-Point Writing
  • Display Port™
  • USB 3.0 x4 & USB TYPE-C Input
  • Vesa Mount
Donview 98” Ds-98IWMS-L03PA Computer Monitor 4K Touch Screen

Impressive image quality

The Donview DS-75IWMS-L05PA is designed with no air gap between the glass surface and the LCD, thereby eliminating internal parasitic reflections between the glass and the LCD module. Thus, the contrast is increased and the viewing angle is widened, which ensures good visibility of the image from anywhere, even near the panel or to the side of it.

Improved touch accuracy

Due to the absence of an air layer in the display matrix, there is no parallax (displacement), which significantly increases the accuracy of press recognition. Combined with the Donview infrared ultra-thin stylus, a more natural writing response is obtained. Recognizing up to 20 simultaneous touches, including when drawing and writing text, expands the possibilities of teamwork.

Striking design and lightweight

The ultra-thin bezel provides an attractive look for Donview DS-75IWMS-L05PA. The optical bonding matrix makes the touch panel glass thinner and lighter.

Optional camera

A USB port makes it possible to quickly and easily connect a USB camera without getting tangled in wires.

Reliability of the interactive panel

Improved optical connection technology increases the resistance of glass and LCD to damage and the impact resistance of the device. The absence of an air gap between the protective glass and the LCD matrix prevents the ingress of dust and moisture. As a result, the service life of the interactive panel is extended.

Donview 98” ds-98Iwms-l03pa computer monitor price in Pakistan. For more monitor visit the product category page.

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