DarkFlash TR360 Liquid CPU Cooler Fan

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DarkFlash TR360 Liquid CPU Cooler Fan

Darkflash tr360 liquid CPU cooler fan integrated water cooling, is maintenance-free, with no need to add water and cold liquid for life. 12 cm temperature-controlled intelligent aurora RGB color changing fan, with N.I.T. noise interception technology, all-around mute design. All pure copper hot water absorption cold heads fit the CPU to fully absorb heat. 27mm aluminum radiator. High-density wave band cold row, using s-shaped fins, increases the heat dissipation area. Provides all platform mounting clips for Inter and AMD CPUs and is easy to install. Woven mesh high-quality rubber water-cooled tube, zero penetration, durable and durable. Efficient heat dissipation, brilliant light efficiency, highly translucent 3d collapses cold head design. Visit the official brand store for more details.

DarkFlash TR360 Liquid CPU Cooler Fan Price in Pakistan


  • Pure copper endothermic block
  • Support 5v RGB sync with the motherboard (argb) on pump head & cooling fan
  • Temperature controlled 7 blades fan (800-2000RPM) with noise reduction Feature
  • Long life bearing water pump (2400±10%RPM) / 40,000hrs
  • High-density sigmoidal fins radiator
  • Intel (LGA 775/115x/1200/1366/2011) & AMD (AM4/FM2/FM1/AM3/AM2)
  • Water block size: 75x75x53mm
  • Pump speed: 2400±10%RPM
  • Pump voltage: 12v
  • Radiator size:394 x 120 x 27mm

Darkflash tr360 liquid CPU cooler fan price in Pakistan. For more affordable CPU Cooler Fans, visit the product category page.

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