DarkFlash GP650 650W Computer Power Supply

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DarkFlash GP650 650W Computer Power Supply

DarkFlash gp650 650w computer power supply is rated 650w, suitable for high-end computer configuration and conforms to the Intel ATX12V specification design, supports Intel, AMD complete series of dual-core platforms. Visit the official brand store for more details.

DarkFlash GP650 650W Computer Power Supply Price in Pakistan
  • High efficiency energy-saving silent fan
  • Built-in PFC, double magnetic ring magnetic amplifier circuit, high-frequency low resistance filter capacitor,
  • to ensure that the current is pure and stable output
  • Adopt a 12cm hydraulic bearing fan, mute and durable, large airflow
  • Intelligent temperature control circuit design automatically adjusts the fan speed and extends the service life
  • Horn high capacity, large capacity, support wide use, in the unstable voltage environment can still be used
  • normally
  • Innovative pest control technology design.
  • It is not fully modular.

 DarkFlash gp650 650w computer power supply price in Pakistan. For more affordable Power Supplies (PSU), visit the computer power supply product category page.

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