Bloody Q81 Metal Feet Neon X-Glide Gaming Mouse

With Official Brand Warranty

Sale priceRs.2,930.00


Bloody Q81 Metal Feet Neon X-Glide Gaming Mouse

Bloody Q81 metal feet neon X-Glide gaming mouse is durable, sensitive, and frictionless. Glides 20% faster. Sustain lens working distance. Quality remains after 300 km of abrasion test.

  • Neon Backlit
  • 3200 CPI Adjustable
  • 2 Side Buttons
  • Braided Cable
  • Braided Cable
  • Sensitive and tangle-free cable provides durability.
  • Visit the official brand store for more information.
Bloody Q81 Metal Feet Neon X-Glide Gaming Mouse Price in Pakistan

Button Lifetime

Extreme quality offer over 10 Million clicks guaranteed.

3 Neon Lighting Effects

One-click to switch between 3 kinds of lighting effects ( Neon/ Breathing/Solid) for personal preference.

2 Thumb Side Buttons

The 4th and 5th thumb side buttons are preset as backward and forward functions. In game-play, it will be the functions of the game settings.

3200 CPI Adjustable

Adjustable resolution 500/1000/1200/1600/2000/3200 CPI.


  • Sensor: AVAGO A3050 Gaming Engine
  • Resolution: 500/1000/1200/1600/2000/3200 CPI
  • Image Processing: 2.41M Pixels/sec
  • Frame Speed: 6,666 fps
  • Acceleration: 20 g
  • Tracking Speed: 60 IPS
  • Report Rate: 125 Hz/sec
  • Key Response: 1 ms
  • Button Lifetime: 10 Million Clicks
  • Metal X’ Glide Armor Boot: 300 Kms
  • System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista7/ 8/8.1/10

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