Bloody Gaming Mouse

The "Bloody" gaming mouse is a modern addition to the gaming technology. With its rapidity and accuracy, this high-performance mouse is made to improve your gaming experience while providing smooth control and responsiveness. For players looking for the ultimate competitive advantage, the Bloody gaming mouse is unique because to its sophisticated functionality and stylish form.

The A90 Wired Gaming Mouse

The A90 Wired Gaming Mouse is bloody.


"LK Optical Sensor", not much information is currently accessible. Reviews of research on tracking performance and sensor accuracy, particularly on lift-off distance—the minimum distance the mouse must be raised off the surface for the sensor to stop recording movement.

Maximum DPI: 

10,000 DPI (provides many customization options so you can strike the ideal mix of accuracy and speed for your games.


Eight programmable buttons are included for added usefulness. Software should make it simple to create complex macros and customize button functions.


A system that can be customized to give your setup a unique touch. Look for settings to change the hue, brightness, and possibly even the lighting effects.


Wired connectivity can offer a reliable connection, but it may also take up more desk space. For optimal reach, take into account the cable's length and material (braided cables are more durable).

M70 Wireless Gaming Mouse



Described as an optical "light strike" sensor in advertisements (limited specifications available). Examine reviews to learn about the anticipated acceleration (G), tracking speed (IPS), and DPI range.

Maximum DPI (Dots Per Inch): 

12,000 DPI (software-adjustable for fine control in shooter games or quick motions in multiplayer online battle arena games).


Eight programmable buttons can be used for macros and in-game actions. Software should make it simple to map buttons to a variety of tasks and intricate macros.


Rubberized, non-slip material improves control during hard gameplay. To establish a solid and comfortable grasp for your hand size and preferred grip type (fingertip, claw, or palm), take into account the mouse's general form and size.


Wireless connectivity is available; however, it does require charging. It may free up desk space. Find more about battery life and charging choices (such as integrated rechargeable batteries or removable batteries).

G90s Wireless Gaming Mouse 

Bloody G90s Wireless Gaming Mouse

Maximum DPI:

8,000 DPI (allows for quick motions and accurate aim in most games, and offers decent balance).


Seven programmable buttons are available for key in-game functions. These buttons should be able to be customized by software to trigger commonly used actions or macros.


Comfort throughout prolonged gaming sessions through ergonomic design (essential for preventing fatigue). Choose a form that offers appropriate palm support and fits your hand nicely. Take into account the mouse's weight as well, particularly if you intend to play for extended periods of time.


Wireless connectivity is flexible, but keep in mind battery life. Find out about battery life expectations and available charging methods.
The T80 Wired Gaming Mouse is bloody.

Maximum DPI:

6,000 DPI good for most games, such as MMOs and strategy games, that don't demand extremely precise controls.


Six programmable buttons are available for basic customization. These buttons should be able to have frequently used in-game functionality assigned to them by the software.

Braided cable:

This type of cable is more durable and doesn't fray over time.
Wired connectivity is dependable, but it takes up desk space. For optimal reach, take into account the cable length.

Bloody A70 Light Strike Gaming Mouse

Bloody A70 Light Strike Gaming Mouse


This sensor promises reliable tracking and responsiveness, crucial for precise in-game actions. However, in-depth reviews are recommended to gauge its actual performance metrics like DPI range, tracking speed (IPS), and acceleration (G).

Maximum DPI (Dots Per Inch):

This wide range allows you to find the perfect balance between speed and precision for different game genres. Lower DPI might be ideal for pixel-perfect accuracy in RTS games, while higher DPI can be beneficial for fast movements in MOBAs.


The A70 offers more programmable buttons than the previously discussed Q70. This allows for increased customization, letting you map essential in-game actions and complex macros to these buttons for quicker execution. Software should be user-friendly and enable easy button mapping and macro creation.

Light Strike Optical Switches: 

These switches are advertised to deliver a blazing-fast click response time of 0.2ms, minimizing click latency. Look for reviews that analyze the actual click latency and feel of the switches.

Wired Connectivity:

This provides a consistent and reliable connection, crucial for competitive play. Consider the cable length for proper reach and look for information on cable material (braided cables offer increased durability).

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