How to Play Android Games with Gaming Keyboard?

Have you ever had a feeling that touchscreens are insufficient for long periods of mobile gaming? You're not by alone. A reliable mechanical keyboard can give you the advantage in the virtual court, on the battlefield, or in a race. Gamers love control and precision.
Our goal in Pakistan at is to provide you with the most effective tools possible. So how can you take advantage of your fantastic gaming keyboard to rule the Android game market? Here's your comprehensive guide:

Activating the Keyboard

Although not all Android games support keyboard and mouse by default, some do. But do not worry! You can map keyboard keys to touchscreen functions in almost any game through third party software’s.

Popular Option


With the help of this flexible app, you may use your keyboard and mouse to simulate playing games on a desktop computer by connecting your Android device to your computer.
Selecting the Proper Keyboard. By selecting proper tools let you know how RGB gamin accessory can enhance the pleasure of you gaming period, and you must know what are the Top Reasons to Invest in Gaming Accessories.


While any USB keyboard will function, a gaming keyboard has some clear benefits:
When compared to conventional membrane keyboards, mechanical switches seem more tactile and responsive, which improves your in-game accuracy.


Players frequently hit many keys at once. By guaranteeing that every input register precisely, anti-ghosting helps to avoid missing actions.

Macro keys

Set them up for complex in-game combos or commands to give you an advantage that happens very quickly.

Games Compatible with Keyboards

A lot of Android games were designed with a keyboard and mouse in mind

Shooting games

PlayPUBG Mobile and Call of Duty
Mobile - Experience pixel-perfect targeting and strafing to gain the upper hand.

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, or MOBA

Legends of Mobile: Bang Bang: Increase your control over character movement and powers to reach your full potential.

Strategy Games

With the simplicity of a keyboard, create brilliant strategies in Strategy Games like Empires & Puzzles.

Maximizing Your Configuration

For a genuinely successful outcome

  • Install a phone stand or clip to enjoy a comfortable desktop viewing experience.
  • If your phone does not have a USB-C connector, use an OTG adapter to connect it to a USB keyboard.

Use to Upgrade Your Game

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Rule the opposition. Invest in a gaming keyboard to enhance your mobile experience right now!

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